Electric Wine Aerator Dispenser Decanter Portable Air Pressurized

Electric Wine Aerator Dispenser Decanter Portable Air Pressurized

Let Your WINE BREATHES: Electric Wine Aerator is a new air high-pressure aerator, through the electric momentum let wine and air fully mixed. It promises to reduce tannins, acidity and sulfides. Wine becomes “HAPPY” to be out of the bottle. Let Your TIME SAVINGS: One Touch and one second "breath". Easy to install, easy to use and easy to clean. Let Your PARTY SUCCESS: Great gift, Great aerator for wine lovers. No matter your experience with wine, you'll notice the difference, your party & friend will get all the fun of seeing perfectly fast aerated wine.

Product Details

Give your wine an air of luxury

No dinner party is complete without a couple bottles of wine to keep the conversation light and the laughter flowing. With the Electric Wine Aerator, pouring the perfect glass for everyone around your table has never been easier. Just pop the cork on your favorite bottle and slip on the aerator. With a touch of a button wine is drawn up from the bottle, infused with air to bring out fruity subtleties, and dispensed cleanly into a waiting glass. The tight seal also means that the aerator can be used to store an unfinished bottle for later. The sleek design will impress your friends, while no-tip dispensing technology means no spills to clean up! Focus your attention on what really matters: time well spent with friends and family.

Tabletop Design

With a brushed metal finish and black accents, the aerator will look like a luxury addition to your dinner table. Your guests will be impressed both with your fine taste in wine and your attention to every detail.

Easy Cleaning

The no-tip dispensing technology means no spills! No more little red dots left over from the night before to discover on your table. The Aerator itself is also waterproof for easy cleaning and effortless preparation in time for the next soirée.

Exceptional Aeration

As wine is drawn up into the device, it is infused with air to help bring out the subtle fruity flavors in every glass. Your palette will thank you for awakening all the different taste possibilities offered by each dark red and bright white.