Hepa Portable Home Use Air Purifier Filter

Hepa Portable Home Use Air Purifier Filter

USB rechargeable strong wind stand table air conditioner fan with LED light Color: White Features 1. Triple Purification: Pre-filter, True HEPA Filter, Activated Carbon Filter. 2. Pre-filter catches large particles as dust, mold spores, pollen, etc. 3. HEPA Filter traps air impurities and...

Product Details

Air Purifier with Triple True HEPA Filter

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1.Novel design,Appearance patent.  

2.Natural & emulational design:The design inspiration comes from flame.

Simple shape, fashion, interpreting people's pursuit of excellence"spirit.                                                                

3.It's designed by Italy famous designer,and full of

  fashion technology.



1.Multilayer filters:HEPA+carbon.                                    

2.Anion:It's praised as "Air Vitamin",it can improve

  human metabolism immunity.

3.SCA smart air:The perfect integration of internet

  technology and air purification technology,achieved

  human & machine unity, remote control, remote data

  transmission, air quality intelligent checking  and

  other advanced functions.


Basic Function

1.HEPA+Carbon filter.                          

2.Touch IMD control panel                  

3.Two wind speeds.                      

4.USB/Vehicle power cable.

5.Temperature,humidity and timing display.


Voltage supplyDC12V
Air flow volume15m3/h
Noise level35db
Power rating3W
Net weight0.8kgs
Applicable area6m2