Amazon Best Seller HEPA Filter Small Air Purifier

Amazon Best Seller HEPA Filter Small Air Purifier

USB rechargeable strong wind stand table air conditioner fan with LED light Color: White Features 1. Triple Purification: Pre-filter, True HEPA Filter, Activated Carbon Filter. 2. Pre-filter catches large particles as dust, mold spores, pollen, etc. 3. HEPA Filter traps air impurities and...

Product Details

Air Purifier with Triple True HEPA Filter Air Cleaner Filtration for Allergies, 

Air Cleaning System with Ionizer


Product description
Product parameters
Color: White (at the same time can be customized Kitty powder, TIFFANY BLUE)
Name: Net beauty desktop type air purifier
Size: X 105mm X 333mm 80mm (long x wide x high)
Weight: 0.85Kg
Purification efficiency (CADR): second-hand smoke (34) / dust (35) / pollen (35)
Noise: 2835dB Rated voltage: 5V DC
Rated power: 2W Air volume (CFM): 30m fand /h
The concentration of negative ions: 3 million fand pcs/cm

Recommended use of the environment:
1 Desktop, especially suitable for office environment;
2 Home office, Entertainment Desktop environment;
3 Bedside cabinets, mute design is especially suitable for the whole night and provide clean air negative oxygen ion protection for healthy sleep;
4 Children learning desktop, for children to learn, the game provides clean air
; 5 Hospitals, nursing homes and other medical institutions, hotels, clubs, offices and other public places;
6 There are pregnant women, children or the elderly family, the family pet;
7 The people are affected by asthma, rhinitis, pollen allergy, respiratory diseases and other troubled home.
The world's first ultra quiet design flow fan 38 air automatic rotating pendulum shaft head high. Global Initiative for personal office, learning, sleeping and other regional scenarios to create a fresh air supply solutions.
Global initiative will be the three filtered air mixed with fresh negative ion direct delivery and coverage to the personal head of the range of beauty.

Package Included:
1x Air Cleaner
1x User Manual