Wine Cooler Simple Shape, Easy To Match Artwork

- Oct 25, 2017-

Wine Cooler are increasingly loved by people, at home in the process, but also more and more into the ranks of the renovation. However, the decoration of the wine cabinet is not really necessary? What kind of wine cabinet is suitable for your home decorating atmosphere?

Do not know if you have found that most of the family choice of Wine Cooler are set lockers and Wine Cooler in one of the comprehensive Wine Cooler, this wine cabinet capacity is large, practical strong more suitable for home placement.

The common wine cabinet place Way, is uses the wine cabinet as the dining room and other space partition, not only may become the daily necessities storage cabinet, moreover has the very good decoration effect, causes the entire living room decoration to be more plump up.

The collocation skill of the wine cabinet

Skill one: From the overall style of home improvement to grasp

Have a suitable wine cabinet must let Wine Cooler and interior decoration environment, otherwise it looks nondescript.

Skill Two: Housing space is very important

See if there is enough room in the house for a wine cabinet. If the room space is large enough, a large wine cabinet can be placed.

Skill three: need to see the structure of the house.

1, the place of the wine cabinet is very important, should be placed in the sun and away from the heat of the place, and good ventilation do not put in wet gas heavy or splash of water, not to place in the too cold can freeze environment.

2, the wine cabinet is placed in the flat solid ground, and withdraws the packing base, reduces the vibration and the noise, the movement moves, its tilt angle is not greater than 45 °.

3, wine cabinet support feet can adjust the height of the wine cabinet, the four corners need to be evenly adjusted, and tighten the nut.

Simple and elegant Wine Cooler, collection of wine, storage and beautification in one, will be a "cabinet" multi-purpose function to the extreme. Table can be placed beautifully decorated porcelain space, but also in the storage space is not enough as a potential treasure.

The special feature of this wine cabinet is that it has a cabinet before it, a small bar, a number of functional cabinets to synthesize a cabinet, of course, more luxurious atmosphere. Open a bottle of wine, take down the goblet on the Cup shelf, fill with the liquid with dark red, savor the life with texture.

Chinese wine cabinet, don't have a taste. Personalized Wine rack design, the wine to receive it, seemingly casual display, are a piece of art finished.

This is both the wine cabinet and the sideboard, more abundant storage space, to receive more real. Glass door design, dustproof and display function are both, the size of the storage lattice design to meet the different attributes of the items placed.

The wine cabinet can also serve as the partition between the dining room and the kitchen, the space transition is very natural. Part of the door cabinet, you can place precious wine and fragile cups, the next part can be placed tableware, dry snacks, or as a supplement to the kitchen, put some common items and food supplies, and the middle open part can be used as wine display area.

Small Wine Cooler, more suitable for small huxing restaurant, the space is not small, the role of admission is not little, liquor capacity is also very large.

Simple shape, convenient collocation of art, highlighting the master's taste and self-cultivation. Only a few partitions composed of storage cabinets physical storage of a lot of wine oh.

White Wine Cooler, simple storage design, storage, wine lattice and door cabinets, so that the glass wine and other items can be placed at a glance, but also to highlight the owner of the quality of life of a pursuit.