Wine Cooler Quality And Practicality Are Important Indicators

- Nov 03, 2017-

Custom Wine Cooler, we must give full play to the "tailor-made" advantage. Professional good text, do in the door industry vision. According to the quantity, type and texture of the wine, the size of the cabinet and the number of cabinets should be determined, and the size and structure of the House should be considered.

Wine Cooler In addition to display, storage of wine, there is space partition, storage and other functions, the different features of the corresponding style of course is greatly different. Professional good text, do in the door industry vision. Wine Cooler that meet their needs are good Wine Cooler.

The details of the wine cabinet is an important indicator of quality and practicality, humanized design makes life more convenient, really do every inch of space for my use

For the general wine lovers, even the collection of good wine, the number is not a lot, so, to buy a professional wine cabinet seems to be very cost-effective. How do we preserve our beloved wines without a wine cabinet?

1. Keep cool

The ideal storage temperature is 55°f (i.e. 13 ℃). High temperature will affect the quality of wine, even make the wine "premature." The temperature of the wine should be kept stable, because of the intense or frequent temperature changes will cause the wine to have a certain degree of expansion and contraction, so that the seal of the cork reduced, causing liquor seepage.

2. Keep away from light

Many wine bottles, especially red wine bottles, with a certain color, this wine bottle in the production will be added Anti-ultraviolet components. But to ensure that wines that are stored in the long term avoid UV damage completely, they need to be stored in closets, basements or Wine Cooler. In general, white wines are more susceptible to light.

3. Remain stationary

Many people like to put wine in the ordinary refrigerator, although this is convenient, but not scientific. The temperature in the fridge is not suitable for storing wine, and the refrigeration device in the refrigerator will vibrate at a certain frequency when working, and the vibration will accelerate the reaction between various chemicals in the wine.

4. Horizontal Placement

The wine should be placed horizontally in storage to keep the wine liquid in contact with the cork to keep it moist. If the cork is too dry, the dry shrinkage will cause the air to seep into the wine bottle, and the liquor will react with oxygen. The oxidation reaction of white wine will be darker, the red wine color will gradually approaching brown, and wine aroma and flavor gradually dissipated.

Therefore, if there is no condition or necessity to buy a wine cabinet:

Please keep the wine lying in the room with a more stable temperature, the kitchen is definitely not a good choice unless you never fire. Far from the corner of the window is the choice of the majority.

If possible, it would be better to make some suitable conditions for keeping the wine. A Virgo colleague, because there is not enough room in the house to put the wine cabinet, can only put a corner of the cupboard stuffed with insulation materials, homemade "thermostat wine cellar", a variety of foam and wine bottle QI, effectively reduce the outside temperature changes on the impact of wine, in the summer, open the cabinet will be a moment to feel the cabinet temperature below room temperature. Under such conditions, the ordinary wine for a year or two is completely free of worry.