Wine Cooler Consistent With Practicality And Aesthetics

- Oct 11, 2017-

Modern decoration, many people have their own collection of wine to build a safe place, love wine, Xi wine, more split space artifact Wine Cooler partition, then the Wine Cooler, how much do you know? Today, let's take a look at things that have to be said about the wine cooler

Usually the height of the Wine Cooler should not exceed 180CM, too high, then take the wine is not convenient, each layer height between 30-40CM, the thickness is usually around 30CM. If it is a commercial Wine Cooler, usually divided into two parts, part of the base cabinet, the height is usually around 60CM, the thickness of 50CM or so.

Ordinary family to buy wine cooler, the first should be combined with the housing area to consider the practicality of the Wine Cooler. Second, the Wine Cooler style and display design should be combined with units and space. If the room is not large, and the housing is too low, then you can consider the use of glass partition Wine Cooler. Because the glass plate for the display of wine bottles and wine; it seems not only the space to the height of the extension, and save space, consistent with the practicality and aesthetics of the double effect.

The reason why people make the most important thing is to protect the privacy of the owner, of course, it can also play a special role, that is, to bring a different kind of beauty. The house after the partition will not appear to be empty, and the house will not be at a glance in front of people, to create a hazy beauty.

In addition, if your house is a small room, when you set up a proper Wine Cooler cut off, you can create a relatively independent space, so not only can give a visual impact, but also does not appear to block the line of sight Situation, and also has the effect of expanding the space.

Wine Cooler, including the other cabinet at home, such as shoe, wardrobe, bookcase and so on all the cabinets can choose three ways to get:

The first is to buy finished goods counters, go to the store where the direct pick and then buy back;

The second is the carpentry site to do, this requires the designer to design a good drawing in advance, and then by the carpentry against the drawings produced at the scene;

The third is to find the whole house custom, directly to find a full house custom brand, and then let them come to the scale, and then design, and then production, and finally moved home.