What Is Bluetooth Headset

- Jan 18, 2018-

    Bluetooth headset is a Bluetooth hands-free technology in the headset that allows users to relieve the annoying wires to tie him down, freely in various ways easy call. Since the advent of Bluetooth headsets, mobile commerce has been a good tool to enhance the efficiency of the Group.


    Bluetooth v1.1 and v1.2 is technically divided into two sizes, are also different applications in Bluetooth headphones. v1.2 not only more support stereo sound, and the effect on the stability and has a good performance, and can be backward compatible with v1.1 version. In addition, Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone and headset support concatenation pattern include "hands-free" (Handsfree) and "Headphones" (Headset) are two, different modes with the headset and the phone, but how will not succeed.


    Bluetooth headset What are the benefits? Wearing a Bluetooth headset, you can write EMAIL side while talking on the phone, you can talk on the phone while driving, you can while talking on the phone while doing housework, no annoying wires to tie him down! Just recently a branch flagship Bluetooth headset mobile advertising: hands empty out your hands to do it the right thing.