What Are The Methods Of Indoor Air Purification? Part 4

- Mar 15, 2018-

Ⅷ.  electrostatic dust removal technology

This is an efficient air purification technology that removes organic compounds and bacteria attached to dust particles while removing dust. However, this technology is easy to produce ozone, and more particles adsorbed on the dust collection board will affect the effect, and the dust collection board needs to be regularly cleaned or replaced.

Ⅸ. negative ion method

Negative ions in the air have the effect of adsorbing and condensing substances in the air, causing them to become large ions and settle, thereby achieving the purpose of air purification. Because the stability of negative ions is very poor, the actual purification effect is not obvious, but negative ions have a good influence on human health, so they are often widely used.

X. Non-equilibrium plasma technology

Non-equilibrium plasma technology is a technique that utilizes the gas-discharge plasma species to react with various compounds to decompose into small molecular compounds (such as H2O, CO2) to purify air. This technology can efficiently and quickly decompose and decompose various pollutants and planktonic bacteria, and is a relatively advanced purification technology. It is a research hotspot for pollution control, but there are not many products that can be practically applied, and the cost is relatively high. .