What Are The Methods Of Indoor Air Purification? Part 1

- Mar 15, 2018-

In front of the introduction of various pollutants in the air, have more or less impact on human health, then what methods can remove these pollution? Now we introduce the main methods of indoor air purification. There may be other purification methods on the market, but the basic name is different.

First, air freshener

When people smell odors, the most natural thing is to deodorize them with scent. The scent will make people feel good. Air fresheners are in the form of solids (including balsams, fragrant flakes, etc.), liquids (perfume, essences), and gases (fresh sprays, deodorants, etc.). The main components are alcohols, ethers, lipids, essences, etc. The composition of organic compounds, because of its pleasant scent, masks the odors of other contaminants, it has not actually reached the goal of purifying the air. Both natural and synthetic flavors increase the amount of organic matter in the room, which actually increases air pollution.

Second, ventilation method

Ventilation says the simple point is ventilation, including natural ventilation and mechanical ventilation. Natural ventilation is to open doors and windows, let the air flow, let the fresh air come in and take away the indoor air. The most common mechanical ventilation is the exhaust fan, as well as the fresh air system, which is to force ventilation of the sealed space by external force.

The great advantage of the ventilation method is simple, and it can effectively reduce the concentration of air pollutants in the room. But its shortcomings are also obvious: First, subject to the quality of outdoor air, if the outside air quality is poor, it will produce more serious pollution; Second, when the indoor and outdoor need to maintain the temperature difference, the exchange of heat energy will have a huge energy consumption, For example, the ventilation of an air-conditioned room will immediately come in against the outdoor high temperature, and the energy consumption of air-conditioning will increase.