Our New Original 5 Minutes Fast Red Wine Cooler Ice Bucket

- Nov 03, 2017-

You know what the perfect temperature tastes like, but making it happen can be a lot more tricky. We designed the Astro X Wine Cooler so your wine is ready-to-drink whenever you're ready to drink it.

Wine coolers certainly aren't new, but they can be better. At the party where all this began, we opened a bottle of wine and stuck it into an ice bucket as we'd done so many times before. Every time someone wanted a top up, out came the bottle and out came a towel to mop up the water drips it left behind on the table and our clothes. Two hours later, the ice was gone and had to be replaced. Overall, it wasn't a great experience, and more importantly, it felt like it wouldn't take much to make it better. 

Just the right temperature? No problem.

It isn't as simple as keeping a bottle in the wine fridge until your guests arrive. Different wines have different optimal temperatures for serving to help bring out the best flavour and fragrance.

Light White: 8-10℃

Rich White: 10-13℃

Light Red: 11-14℃

Rich Red: 14-18℃

Champagne or Sparkling Wine: 6-8℃

Rosé: 10-14℃

If you're not fussy about temperature, ice buckets are easy fixes, but don't last very long and go through a lot of ice. Wine Cooler maintains the right temperature for over five hours with no messy condensation puddles from melting ice.                          

Easy to use, Wine Cooler simply needs to be stored in the freezing chamber of your fridge until you're ready to use it. Pop in a bottle of wine, and it'll be ready to drink in just five minutes.

Suitable for all occasions

Wine Cooler's sleek and durable design makes it great for all occasions, whether you're out for a picnic, having a romantic candlelit dinner at home, or looking to reduce ice usage at your restaurant. Outdoors, you can enjoy up to 5 hours of use, though Wine Cooler can maintain your perfect drink even longer in confined spaces.

Convenient to use

To setup your Wine Cooler, freeze it the first time for at least 6 hours in your freezer (average temperatures are -18℃). After that first freeze, you'll only need to freeze your Wine Cooler for a few hours each time to prepare it for use - enough time for you to use it for all three meals if you wish. Or simply leave it in the freezer until your next dinner party.

Wine Cooler can take a bottle of wine from warm to cool in just five minutes. 

Sleek curves

We've worked hard to create a product that looks good on any table.

The Wine Cooler is 200mm high with a maximum diameter of 140mm. It suits most standard 750ml bottles, and the diameter of the Cooler can also be adjusted up to a certain range to accommodate unusual bottle designs.

Inside, Wine Cooler has eight flexible cooling parts to help it get the job done well.

More colours to come!