How To Use Wine Cooler

- Jan 09, 2018-

        We all suffer from wine and beverage can not keep cool for a long time during party. When we pour wine from the bottle,it will be in the air into room temperature very soon, reducing real wine taste, can not let us enjoy the real taste of the red wine.

     How to use it?
      Get the wine cooler out from - 18 degrees Celsius (the freezer temperature is - 18 degrees Celsius), and put it on the table,put a bottle of wine into the inside, after 5 minutes, you can enjoy the fresh and delicious wine. After using, put it into the freezing chamber again, in the next backup, you can meet your demand for three meals a day.
Notes:For the first time, you need to be in the refrigerator freezer room fully pre cold 6 hours under - 18 degrees Celsius, then it takes only a few hoursto use subesequently next time.