Different Ways Of Wine Classification

- Jan 16, 2018-

    Wine by color can be divided into: red wine, white wine, rose red (also called Tao Hong) wine;

By the sugar content can be divided into: dry, semi dry type, semi sweet, sweet, sweet and can be subdivided into ordinary wine, ice wine, noble rot sweet white wine;

According to the method of brewing and process can be divided into static wine (that is, common red, white wine, in the brewing process, released by fermentation to produce CO2 to get static wine), sparkling wine two kinds, of which only produced from French champagne AOC quality sparkling wine can said to be the "champagne";

    According to the alcohol content can be divided into ordinary wine (usually 8 to 15 degrees), fortified wine (greater than 15 degrees, usually around 20 degrees, such as Portugal Potter wine, Spanish Sherry), both in the brewing process, but also have different place.