Beer Dispenser Make People Drink Better

- Oct 25, 2017-

In beer, beverage machinery equipment, the most critical is the filling machine. Its wine, distributor, filling valve and pressure hood and other parts should be in touch with beer and drink,Beer Dispenser so the sealing rubber used in these parts must be edible rubber. EPDM rubber is widely used in the food industry because it is harmless to humans. Its main advantages are: can resist ultraviolet aging, oxidation reaction is slow, adapt to the temperature range wide, resistance to acid and alkali erosion. Poor mechanical strength and wear resistance is the disadvantage of EPDM rubber, and it is expensive, so the lubricant must be used to protect it to prevent premature wear aging and failure.

Most of the existing Chinese beer and beverage factories still use the animal oil and medical Vaseline on EPDM rubber. Their drawbacks are: first, the animal oil on EPDM corrosion, generally has a peculiar smell, very easy to mix beer and affect the taste of beer, and animal oil itself is not long shelf life, easy to produce bacteria contaminated beer, so that the shelf life of beer shorter. Second, the use of Vaseline in a certain temperature, pressure environment, 100 hours may produce bacteria, while there is a acidification trend, more than 200 hours, starting to sour, not only affect the taste and long-term use will corrode equipment. Three, these two products will directly reduce the surface tension of beer liquid, affecting the formation and durability of beer foam. If it is lubricated once a week,Beer Dispenser EPDM rubber is in dry friction for most of the time. After a long period of friction, the resulting rubber powder will be brought into the beer or drink, so that the product can not pass the quality inspection. Four, the lubrication performance of these two products and lubrication durability are very poor, will greatly shorten the EPDM sealing rubber service life, thereby increasing production costs. At the same time, frequent lubrication times and prolonged downtime, affecting the continuous production.

With the Chinese people's understanding of the nutritional value of beer, the demand for beer has become more and more large, the taste and taste of beer will be more and more exquisite. This prompted manufacturers to continue to introduce advanced foreign equipment, such as KHS, Kro-nes, APV, Gea and so on,Beer Dispenser these well-known manufacturers of equipment are usually recommended by the USDA-H1 certified tasteless food grade grease. It does not affect the formation and durability of beer foam, can effectively resist hot and cold water, steam, disinfectant and detergent invasion, not easy to be washed, it is particularly suitable for beverage faucet and with EPDM seals with more difficult to lubricate the filling parts. It can not only have a good sealing effect, but also can prolong the life of EPDM rubber for 5-7 years. This is any other ordinary grease can not be comparable to it, because the ordinary lubricant and EPDM very easy to react to the rapid expansion of chemical reaction, resulting in a sealing effect can not be produced.

Competition in the world market,Beer Dispenser which requires production enterprises to consider the impact of food processing equipment and production environment on human health and environmental protection, we must strengthen the competitiveness of products, including the use of high-quality food-grade lubricants indispensable. Hope that China's beer manufacturers pay attention to this problem, and strictly grasp the manufacturing process of beer, the adoption of qualified and trustworthy food grade lubricants.