Beer Cooler Comfortable Feeling Of Stimulation

- Oct 11, 2017-

Beer is one of the oldest alcoholic beverages in the world, and is the third drink in the world after consumption of water and tea. Beer in the early twentieth century into China, is a foreign wine. Beer is based on English Beer translated into Chinese "beer", called "beer", still in use today.

Beer with barley malt, hops, water as the main raw material, yeast fermentation by the brewing of carbon dioxide-rich low alcohol, known as the "liquid bread" is a low concentration of alcoholic beverages. Beer ethanol content of the least, so not only is not easy to drunk beer drunk,Beer Cooler a small amount of drinking but good for good health. Now most of the international beer are added auxiliary raw materials.

Some countries require the total amount of auxiliary raw materials does not exceed 50% of the amount of malt. In Germany, in addition to export beer, the German domestic sales of beer will not use auxiliary raw materials. In 2009, Asia's beer production of about 58.67 million liters, the first time beyond Europe,Beer Cooler becoming the world's largest beer producer.

Archaeologists who invented the beer composition of about 5,000 years ago in the pottery archives found in the northern Chinese rice cliff archaeological site. The yellow remnants found in pottery funnel and wide mouth pots show that the various ingredients fermented together include, Millet, barley, barley and tubers.

"Beer" is the name of the foreign language from the transliteration, take the beer "beer" word, the Chinese past the dictionary is not there. Later, some people according to foreign call on the beer such as Germany, the Netherlands called "Bier"; Britain called "Beer"; France called "Biere"; Italy called "Birre"; Romania called "Berea" and so on, these foreign languages contain "beer "Word sound, then translated into Chinese" beer "to create the words of the foreign language, but also because of a certain alcohol,Beer Cooler so the translation with the" beer "word, has been in use ever since. Because the beer to barley malt as the main raw material, so the Japanese also called beer as "wine".

Manifested in many ways. In the color,Beer Cooler roughly divided into light, dark and black 3, regardless of the color depth, should be clear, transparent and no turbidity; into the cup when the formation of foam, should be white, delicate, lasting, hanging cup; Scent and bitter taste, light beer is more obvious, and the wine cool and not light, soft palatability, and dark color beer bitter taste lighter, with a strong malt flavor,Beer Cooler the wine is more mellow; with saturated dissolved CO2, is conducive to the Foam, after drinking a comfortable feeling of stimulation; should be a long time to maintain its smooth transparency, in the prescribed period of storage, there should be no obvious suspended solids.

Hops are an indispensable ingredient in beer, and hops have an irreplaceable role in the brewing of beer: hops make the beer a refreshing aroma, bitterness and corrosion. The aroma of the hops and the fragrance of the malt give the beer a subtle flavor. Beer, coffee and tea are fragrant and bitter to win, which is the charm of these drinks. Because the hops have a natural anti-corrosion, so the beer without adding toxic preservatives;Beer Cooler hops formed beer excellent foam.

Beer Bubble is a mixture of aldicarone in the hops and foaming protein from malt. Excellent hops and malt, can brew out a white, delicate, rich and hungry beer bubble lasting; hops conducive to clarification of wort. In the process of wort boiling, due to the addition of hops,Beer Cooler the protein in the wort can be complexed to clarify the role of wort, brewing pure beer.