A Great Gift For The Beer Lover

- Dec 29, 2017-

    Beer Foamer is a minimalist design created by Rhyang. Dense beer foam is known to dramatically increase the taste, aroma, and feeling of beer. Contrary to popular belief, enthusiasts recommend pouring beer with a bit of splash in order to create bubbles. However, most of the foam that is created is usually consisted of large bubbles and low density, which takes away from the taste of the beer itself.

     As a solution, we decided to create a design that would separate the foaming process and the pouring process. What they achieved was crisp, bubbly beer and soft, dense foam – just like from a draft.


How to Use?

     Pouring your glass of beer with this way tap beer dispenser is a breeze. It is powered by 4 standard AA batteries (not included). Tilt your glass to 40° degrees and pull the handle forward to tap fresh beer. Finally, to add creamy foam over the beer, simply place the glass firm and push the handle backward — then enjoy!!