- Mar 24, 2018-

Asthma is a disease that is growing among the people. The reason for that is air pollution. Industry and modern world just don’t care about air pollution and hazardous particles in the air. All they care about is how to put as much money in the pocket as they can. And the product of that policy is more and more harmful particles in the air.

Chronic lung disease like asthma will be standard among the people in the future if our lifestyle doesn’t change. But there are some things you can do to fight asthma. We will talk about this stuff later in this text.


Asthma needs to be diagnosed by the doctor, but some symptoms may alert you about asthma disease. And some of the symptoms may just be because your lungs recently got filled by dust or particles that your lungs just want to remove.

short breathing

pain in the chest

sleepless nights because of coughing

whistling and wheezing in your respiratory system

Exercise can make your asthma worse. The reason for that is the dust and various particles in the air. When you run outdoors, you are using your full lung capacity, and by that, you are getting more and more allergens in your respiratory system. These allergens may trigger an asthma attack. You can start coughing or just unable to breathe. I know the feeling, it is like something is in your lungs that you need to throw out, but just won’t go out.

If you have asthma, you should not exercise when it is too cold or too dry outside because those situations are worse for asthma patients.


There is really no cure for asthma. The only long lasting treatment for asthma would be completely changing your lifestyle. If you have too much weight, you should reduce your weight. If you are eating unhealthy food, stop it and change the food to be more colorful and eat only real food, not processed garbage that is served to us regularly on TV.

If you have horrible asthma that may be dangerous to your life, then you probably received treatments from the doctor. Use that pumps, they really help. But be moderate, this medicine is based on corticosteroids, and too much of those can trigger other health problems. And too often usage of medicine can make your lungs addicted to it. In this case, you will always need to use medicine to get enough air into your lungs.


You can do that by opening windows regularly, just be careful in pollen season, because then you may put more allergens in the house than if you kept your windows shut down.

If you have air conditioner make sure it removes extra moisture because additional moisture can grow mold. And mold spores are one of the asthma triggers.


Air purifiers can be cheap or expensive. If you have problems with asthma, you should go with a professional anti allergenic air purifier. They cost a little more than ordinary air purifier, but they will help you. Maybe outdoors you will not be protected from allergens, but indoors when you come to your safe haven, you will be 100% protected. And with time your asthma may be gone forever. Keeping your lungs to breathe fresh air free from allergens can make your asthma symptoms go away even when you will be outside.