Why should you use whiskey stones?

- Mar 12, 2018-

Why should you use whiskey stones?

The traditional way of chilling whiskey and other liquors is by adding ice, but melting ice dilutes your drink. Admittedly, this is perfectly fine for some whiskey drinkers – some even add water to their drink to ease the burning sensation from alcohol. But when you have a pricey bottle of aged whiskey, you’d want to savor the nuances of the flavor without watering down the taste. Additionally, whiskey with lower ABV would already have water added to it, so adding ice can further dilute the taste.

Whiskey stones lower a drink’s temperature in about 5 minutes without dilution. This preserves the original straight-from-the-bottle taste with the balance of flavors that has been carefully crafted by the distiller. At the same time, it chills your drink sufficiently to take away the burn of alcohol.

Whiskey stones don’t chill a glass as much as ice does. But ice also drops the drink’s temperature at a rapid rate, which can leave the taste dull and flat. Whiskey stones are capable of chilling a glass to 45° to 60° — the temperature range at which whiskey flavors have been optimized, and which distillers recommend. The stones can also keep their temperatures longer than ice, which means you can enjoy a chilled drink longer without the added water that comes from melting ice.

There’s plenty to be said about keeping the original flavor of whiskey without watering it down. Whiskey consumption has rapidly grown in the last few years and enjoys tremendous popularity today, more than it has at any other time. As a result, there has been an explosion of new varieties, including aged craft whiskey and flavored whiskey. There’s also a resurgence of traditional whiskeys, such as blended malt and Irish whiskey. And, of course, there are the all-time favorites, bourbon and scotch, which to many, define what whiskey is all about. If you love your whiskey and want to fully experience its many varieties, using whiskey stones is the way to go.