Types of Car Air Purifier Part 1

- Mar 15, 2018-

Nowday,more and more people are care about the car air pollution and buy car air purifier to improve the air.So today we will introduce the types of car air purifier.

Filter type car air purifier

The filter type car air purifier can effectively purify the harmful substances such as dust, formaldehyde, benzene and bacteria in the car.

Electrostatic dust collecting vehicle air purifier

Electrostatic dust collector car air purifiers need to be combined with other equipment to achieve efficient purification, because the electrostatic precipitator car air purifier can not completely absorb and eliminate odors, can not completely decompose toxic chemical gases. At the same time, the purifying effect and purification efficiency will decrease as the accumulation of suspended particulates increases. It is necessary to frequently clean the dust collection plate to restore its effectiveness and efficiency, and therefore the maintenance cost is high.

Ozone vehicle air purifier

Ozone car air purifier is the working principle is to produce ozone to purify the air inside the car in order to achieve the effect of improving the air quality in the car. Although, ozone has a certain effect on bacteria, especially for amines, nicotine, bacteria and so on. However, when using this type of vehicle air purifier, it is necessary to pay proper attention to the concentration of ozone in the vehicle compartment, because if the concentration of ozone is too high, it will cause secondary pollution and cause harm to human health.