The quality type and quantity of Tibetan wine in wine cabinet

- Jun 08, 2017-

The first is to look at your own Wine price if the price is relatively high quality good quality? Long life cycle Wine, then suggested the use of compressor cooler, performance of compressor bar can maintain and enhance Wine excellent quality, help Wine appreciation. On the contrary, semiconductor electronic wine cabinet can be used.

The second is to look at your own Wine? If you require a white wine is stored in low temperature Wine or champagne and other types of Wine, then suggested the use of compressor bar; if you are Wine red, and some white Wine (many of it), then suggestions needed in dual zone compressor bar to bar for different Wine, and wine are semiconductor single zone; if the red Wine, then two kinds of wine can be considered, to look at other factors.

See you again is the number of Wine lo, different types of wine have different volume of division, according to the different number of the volume of wine need to store wine; if you drink less, suggested the use of semiconductor electronic bar, after all, the unit cost will be lower.