The advantages of wine cabinets

- Jun 08, 2017-

Like all natural and perishable food, will change due to its surroundings. The cool storage environment, constant temperature to ensure the quality and characteristics of the original wine is not refundable. This is the main reason why wine lovers choose wine.


Bottles should always be placed in order for the wine to contact the cork. In this way, the humidity of the cork and the good sealing effect of the bottle can be kept, so as to avoid the air entering and causing the oxidation and maturation of the wine. When the wine bottle is placed upright, there is a gap between the wine and cork. As a result, the wine is flat and the best place to display the wine level at least to the bottleneck

Temperature constancy and consistency

Temperature is one of the important factors in storing wine. It is also important to maintain the stability of temperature. The composition of the wine will be affected by changes in temperature, cork will also change with the temperature and thermal expansion, cold contraction, especially the poor elasticity of cork. Most wine cabinets are equipped with heaters or PTC to enhance internal temperature, so that no matter how the ambient temperature changes, they can keep the temperature stable. The air in the cabinet is also provided by the built-in fan to ensure the uniformity and consistency of the temperature distribution in the different positions of the wine cabinet.


The relative humidity at 65% is the best environment for long-term storage. However, relative humidity can be maintained between 55% and 80%, which is very good. If the humidity is low, the air passes through the dried cork into the bottle and the wine is oxidized. The drink also permeates the cork. If the humidity is too high, it will smell and damage the label at the same time. Our compressor, wine cabinet relative humidity is stable at about 65%. The actual humidity in the tank can be tested by a moisture meter. Our products are specially equipped with water storage tanks, which are arranged at the top of the box. It is suitable for regulating relative humidity due to the change of the environmental temperature