Rhyang Electric Opener

- Mar 21, 2018-

    All products of Rhyang Electric Opener can enter the market after undergoing rigorous testing procedures. Let's use one of our vacuum plugs. The most important function of the vacuum integrated plug is the degree of negative pressure generated by vacuum, and the length of time the seal can be stored. In order to achieve the best of these two functions, during the R&D phase, we conducted repeated trial production test comparisons, and we constantly conducted research to improve the negative pressure and sealability by improving where.

   Most of the manufacturer's work to do this step has been very good, in the production of large goods can not be verified every time every seal. Because of the efficiency of large-scale production, there are bound to be variations in the personnel's long-term operations, and the materials will also be mutated. If you do not do the test, the final result certainly cannot guarantee that each is a good product. Kaier electric bottle opener in the best wine wine products, require each vacuum plug to make a 24-hour seal test, after 24 hours, as long as the pressure gauge pointer has found the slightest drop Both are judged as defective products. In order to ensure production, the Kaier electric opener purchased a large number of test fixtures and prepared a wide field for testing. I believe that in order to ensure the quality of the product to pay such a cost, at the expense of such time and efficiency to do testing in addition to Rhyang electric bottle opener, should not have any one manufacturer can do it.