New national standards for the Air Purifier Market in China

- Mar 15, 2018-

The air purifier industry has come to a period of transformation and upgrading with some low-quality brands weeded out. On March 1, 2016, the new national standard for air purifier “GB / T 18801-2015” formally began to implement the regulation, which means that hazardous machine in this industry will be eliminated. Consumers will also have a reference standard to choose their air purifiers.

The new national standards to monitor the air purifiers are taking the aspects from Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) to the Cumulate Clean Mass (CCM) efficiency and noise. An air purifier machine is considered standard when these criteria are respected. The new standards have clarified the new key parameters of the air purifiers respecting the CADR and CCM value.

Noise problem from home appliances is always a problem in a consumer’s eye. In order to improve a better user experience, home appliances’ firm have been also forced to reduce the sound from the machine. The new standard has, therefore, some statement for the regulation of the noise. It stipulates that the running noise should be maintained below 55 dB when the CADR value is below 150; running noise should be below 58; when the CADR value is less than 300, running noise should be kept below 61 dB; when the CADR value is higher than 450. In all, the running noise shall exceed 70 dB, otherwise, it is not conform to standards.

The purification efficiency is the ratio of the CADR and the rated power, which is divided into two aspects: the formaldehyde purification efficiency and the particulate matter purification efficiency. The particle purification efficiency is regarded qualified when it reach 2. The formaldehyde purification efficiency should, at least, reach 0.5 to be qualified.