How to Use Air Purifiers?

- Mar 15, 2018-

Proper use of air purifiers not only guarantees the service life of the air purifier, but also guarantees the best purifying effect of the purifier. In the use of the following links should be noted:

1. Start air purifier clean air according to environmental pollution. For example, an air purifier that purifies PM2.5 pollution is best used in the case of severe atmospheric pollution or indoor environmental pollution, which can ensure a good purification effect. If the air quality is good, there is no need to open the air purifier for a long time. Summer and winter can be combined with a humidifier for best results.

2. To clean and maintain the purifier in time, install an electrostatic adsorption purifier that cleans the signal lamp. When the signal lamp is on, it indicates that the dust collection is full. It is necessary to clean the collector plate.

3, high efficiency filter function of the purifier can often check the filter replacement indicator, if there is no indicator light can open the machine to view the filter pollution, if the filter becomes black, we must immediately replace the filter.

4. Observe the purifying effect of the air purifier during use. If the purifying effect is found to be significantly reduced or if an odor is detected after the air purifier is turned on, the filter material and the filter must be replaced.

5, pay attention to the use of security. When using the electrostatic adsorption type air purifier, direct contact with children should be avoided because the voltage is high to prevent electric shock. Activated carbon filter and high-efficiency filter should pay attention to keep away from the fire source during use, and avoid inhaling smokers' cigarettes to prevent fire.

6. The position of the air purifier when it is used is also very important. Try not to place it on the wall or furniture. It is better to leave the wall at a distance of more than 1m from the middle of the house.

7. The general air purifier should not be placed too close to the human body because there are more harmful gases around the purifier. If the purifier purifying smoke smoke can be closer to the smoker.

8. If the room has the conditions to open the window for ventilation, do not use an air purifier, but when opening the window for ventilation, pay attention to the outdoor air pollution. Share from Jingyuan Business.

9. If you choose a purifier with a humidifying function or an air purifier using a wet purifying technology, you should be careful not to use it in the summer rainy season, sauna days or places with high humidity, otherwise it will greatly reduce the purifying effect of the air purifier. .

10. Under normal circumstances when people are not in the room, please do not open the formaldehyde purifier for a long time. However, ozone sterilizers should not be opened in someone's room. They can use the timer switch function, or after the doors and windows are closed, one room and one room can be opened.