- Mar 24, 2018-

If there is always one question popping out in your head “how to remove smoke from your home”?  Then this is the best website to get all your answers from. It will assist you to get the best air purifier that will not only help you get rid of smoke but will eliminate its smell as well.

There is always one problem with smoking that smokers have to face the guilt that they are the ones responsible for not smoke-free home. They are always told to go out and smoke, but it’s not always convenient. May be where the smoker is living there it’s not allowed to smoke outside, so there is no other choice left than to smoke inside. But now both smoker and nonsmoker can happily live together because of the ideally made air purifiers those remove both smoke and its odor respectively.

Before you get to know about the best air purifier for smoke, control you should have some knowledge about its technology. Even knowing a little bit about it will make a significant difference. It will help you make the best possible choice. One thing that you should remember is that all air purifiers are not meant to remove smoke. If you want to get rid of cigarette smoke and you by chance buy a wrong air purifier, then that will be just wastage of money. Smokers require a certain type of air purifier that gives them positive results by removing cigarette smoke and its odor.
You’ll discover that most of the air purifiers are not designed to remove smoke or odor their main function is to eliminate dust and allergen particles from the air.

The majority of people buy air purifiers to get cleaner air, removing cigarette or tobacco smoke is an exception.

Smoke removal air purifier should always have two important features. First one is that it is capable of removing airborne particles those a visible and the other is to eliminate microscopic air particles those are responsible for odor. The air purifier that can perform both above mentioned tasks should have a True HEPA filter and a carbon filter. HEPA filters are the most effective of all. They are designed to remove 99.97% of the allergens and dust particles. HEPA filters are capable of capturing airborne particles as small as .3 microns size. They are portable, and room-sized filters. If you are continuously using your air purifier, then HEPA filter needs to be changed every year.

The carbon filters help remove odor from the air ensuring efficient air circulation. Carbon is activated by pre-filters that help in trapping larger particles found. Charcoals have an uneven surface and a permeable membrane that facilitates in grabbing larger pollutants. So when you are going for buying an air purifier for cigarette smoke control make sure you buy the one with HEPA filter and activated carbon filter.