How to choose a good car air purifier?

- Mar 15, 2018-

How to choose a good car air purifier?


Is it convenient and safe to place in the car?

Convenience and safety are the primary considerations. Because, if it is not easy to place in the car or there is a hidden danger after the placement, even the best air purifier can not be selected.

(1) Shape volume. The on-board air purifiers on the market are mostly laid flat, and a few are specially placed. When purchasing, it is mainly necessary to select a machine that can be placed in a moving place to operate normally and not easily moved by the car.

(2) Manufacturing materials. In general, wear-resistant high-temperature materials are better than more fragile materials.

Is the air purification in the car comprehensive and efficient?

Convenience and safety are the most basic considerations, and the purification effect is the key decisive factor.

(1) Purification method. Air purifiers are generally divided into "filter" purification and "ion group" purification. Filter cleaning, mainly through the fan to the air into the machine through the filter for air purification. Ion group purification, mainly through the ion generator, ejects ion clusters into the air and actively purifies air pollution.

(2) Air duct design. Because there are many "obstacles" in the vehicle, if we want to completely purify the air in every part of the car, we need a scientific air duct design. For example, the filter air purifier needs to have a good inlet air duct design, and the ion air purifier needs a more scientific air outlet duct design.

New features meet the requirements

With the increase in the recognition and use of on-board air purifiers, people's requirements for air quality in cars have also increased, and new features have been added to the air purifiers in cars.

(1) Antibacterial and virus functions. It can effectively remove bacteria and viruses in the car and effectively prevent flu and other diseases.

(2) Aromatherapy function. A car air purifier is also very important to create a pleasant breathing experience for consumers, in addition to creating a healthy air environment inside the car. Some car air purification brands have added high-grade aromatherapy to their products. While purifying the air, they also allow the car to breathe more naturally and beautifully.

Whether the appearance is in line with the interior decoration

To choose a car air purifier, the choice of appearance should be coordinated with the interior decoration and the overall design of the car.

(1) A good horse is equipped with a saddle. People choose to follow the same principles when choosing vehicle-mounted products. When the products to be purchased are sufficiently atmospheric and aesthetically pleasing, and the pleasing purifier is placed in front of the driver's seat, you will also be in a good mood to drive.

(2) Art styling improves taste. If the shape of the car air purifier is more artistic, choosing an art air purifier can improve your image in front of your friends and relatives. The artistic shape of the air purifier can improve your personal aesthetic and taste.