- Mar 24, 2018-

A widely used question that many people that suffer from allergy attacks would like to know the answer. And the answer is not simple. In general, yes, an air purifier will help with allergies. Every air purifier has the power to remove allergens and other microparticles that may trigger your allergy attacks. But there is a huge difference between each air purifier. Let talk about common allergens before we go and dig deep into the topic of which is the best air purifier for allergies.



Many people are allergic to pet fur. These allergies can be pretty severe, and it is recommended that individuals who suffer from these allergies don’t keep animals in the house. But we know that these rabbits love to sneak into our homes and then if you don’t have a pretty decent air purifier you will be in allergy trouble. That is the reason why air purifiers are advised to people who suffer from pet fur allergies. But keep in mind that not all air purifiers will filter pet fur.


Adults, but especially kids are more prone to pollen allergy. The reason for this is somehow unknown. But some scientists believe that use of GMO plants and or hybrid plants created these allergies. Again, if you are buying air purifier against pollen, you should look at air purifier with true HEPA filter, because only true HEPA filter purifiers have the power to remove pollen from theroom.


Just by reading it you can get an allergy from these little things. But I have good news for you, a decent air purifier with true HEPA filters will remove 100% of them. But there is bad news as well in this story. Dust mite feces are so small that true HEPA filter is just not enough. Because of that, you need to use an air purifier that works on ionizing technology. A purifier that either works as a negative ionizer or like an Ozonator.


In this category fall all other little things that may or may not trigger allergies. Household dust is one of them, and over 70% of this dust can be removed with the true HEPA filter air purifier, for the rest you will need some ionization technology. Insecticide dust is another nasty thing you wish to remove from your house, and the good thing is that most air purifiers eliminate insecticide dust. Same thing goes for spores, coal dust, molds, and hair.


In the end, I would like to say that above-mentioned air purifiers are not affordable for everyone and many people will seek alternatives to fight allergy-triggering particles. And I can give you advice on that too. If you are looking for cheapest option then go for a true HEPA filter air purifier, you can find them at an affordable price. And get negative ionizer or Ozonator. With combining these devices, you can remove most of the allergens from the air. Just be careful if you decide to go with Ozonator, Ozonator may create too much ozone in the room, and that is not healthy. If you use Ozonator, then open your windows.