Beer machine instructions

- Jun 08, 2017-

1.when handling, should try to make the box to remain upright, tilting the maximum can not exceed

2.refrigerator placed in the air circulation, cool and dry, surrounded by no corrosive gas in the environment, remember to near the heat to avoid Yang

Direct sunlight, the box around from the wall should be greater than 10cm should be placed flat, the box body is smooth, so as to avoid excessive vibration or


3.refrigerator installation or shutdown, after 5 minutes can not turn on the machine, do not stop immediately after the boot, and after handling, placed within 30 minutes can not open


4.Note: no sharp metal implements can be used to remove ice layer.

5.such as ambient temperature is larger, outside the box may produce dew, this is a normal phenomenon, please use soft dry cloth timely wipe open.

6please regularly clean the condenser and fan oil and dust, to ensure energy saving, refrigeration effect is best.

7.The temperature in the box is controlled by temperature controller. The user can adjust the temperature according to his own needs.